Wingcopter supports the Flying Labs Network

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Wingcopter GmbH is a German aerospace company that designs and manufactures unmanned eVTOL delivery drones capable of providing last-mile delivery as well as mapping, surveying, and inspection.

Local solutions mean equal opportunities, diversity, and participation. And thus provide answers to growing challenges. That is the credo of WeRobotics, a “not-for-profit” organization with offices in Switzerland and the USA. The so-called Flying Labs Network is intended to set up and support local initiatives that work on social projects in which drones are centrally involved according to the motto “Drones For Good”. Active help is now coming from Darmstadt, because Wingcopter supports the Flying Labs Network, as the Hessian company announced this week.

Helping people help themselves. This short formula could be used, sum up, what is hidden behind the idea of ​​the Flying Labs Network. Based on the conviction that socially and ecologically really sustainable projects can only be successful if they are carried out by local partners. And especially when different organizations come together to bundle strengths and competencies. “Solutions that exclude local expertise and practical experience are rarely positive, social or sustainable,” says the website of the global project. As an NGO, WeRobotics, therefore, supports the formation of independent flying labs that are in contact with one another via a global network. In this way, an overall organization is created in which the individual parts can learn from each other and benefit from the common size. For example, by working with technology partners such as Wingcopter. The Darmstadt-based company has not only developed a flight system designed for urgent transports but also has a wealth of experience in the field of humanitarian projects with drones. 

Take leadership and benefit from it

“The partnership with the Flying Labs Network fits perfectly with our vision of developing efficient and sustainable drone solutions to improve and save lives everywhere. It is impressive what the Flying Labs have built with the support of the WeRobotics team to develop local skills and capacities through access to new technologies, education, and employment opportunities, ”explains Andi Fisanich, Head of Humanitarian Programs at Wingcopter. “I firmly believe that strengthening supply chains with drones requires an active and supportive ecosystem that knows and engages local communities. Together we can set up a drone service for developing countries that enables its citizens to.

The idea behind the formation of Flying Labs is to accelerate the positive effects of local aid, health, development, and environmental solutions on site. To this end, know-how is transferred, training courses are organized and partnerships are established. For example, all sub-organizations will be able to fall back on Wingcopter’s specialist technical knowledge and experience from numerous social projects in the future. And last but not least, the now more than 30 local labs in Asia, Africa, and Latin America can now also purchase Wingcopter drones at reduced prices.

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