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Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

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From the name, it is clear that there will not be any man. It’s an aircraft which is guided automatically from a remote place. Electromagnetic transmission plays a great role. As the vehicle does not need any road, rail line, or river water, its endurance has a greater range. The drone’s power capacity is one of the key features for flying time. As such it can drive as fast-speed and at a speed that allows moving in all directions during sea activities like sailing, fishing, etc., thus enabling quicker access to certain regions by mariners on foot. For conventional aircraft, it depends on whether they had enough fuel and water. But unmanned aerial vehicle depends on Battery power.

The Lenth of UAV varies for strategic and military purposes. The US RQ-4 Global Hawk is a jet-powered craft that is 35 meters long. Speed is 640 Km per hour. The vehicle is equipped with a photographic camera, radar, and electronic sensors. MQ-1C is a military-purpose vehicle.

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