Racing Drone

Racing Drone

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A racing drone is a sports-type drone where participants control the activity of the drone. Live streaming camera fitted with the drone. As you can see, for those that love racing drones there are many options available now in all directions. Similar to full size air racing, the goal is to complete a set course as quickly as possible. Drone racing began in Germany years ago but it has always been slower paced and more complicated than normal sports like darts.  However now this sport is getting competitive at an incredible level with no barrier between novice and expert competitors! FPV (first person view) flying means that pilots only see what the drone sees. The drones, if in autopilot mode are fully controlled by computer and take turns running autonomously for each pass of a target ahead; no pilot needs to be there during flight unless advised otherwise. Any drone could be used to race, however competitive FPV racing leagues require drones to meet certain standards. When these requirements are met the operator is not required by law for a license or permit from FAA regulations. A recent incident involving one such league competitor was recently reported in which an amateur video journalist uploaded several shots of his quad flying through traffic and had them posted on YouTube.

The U.S. National Drone Racing Championship took place at the 2015 California State Fair. It was a beautiful day with more than 12 hours of spectacular displays that included over 250 drones flying through multiple areas, an impressive drone field showing off each model’s performance in flight, and plenty going on under the sun to see your favorite sports teams compete against one another or just sit back watching it all unfold. 

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