Prospects on the use of Drone

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Prospects of the drone are increasing day by day. The area is not limited in funds but also commercial. What role could drones play in the urban context in the near future? What opportunities and challenges are associated with it? These are the core questions of the “Future-Making-Lab – We design our futures ourselves!”, A discussion and workshop format in the context of the Munich Creative Business Week. In this, possible perspectives of the use of drones are to be discussed through the interdisciplinary exchange. At the start of the online event on March 13, 2021, representatives from various disciplines – including Sabrina John from UAV DACH and Drones editor-in-chief Jan Schönberg – will discuss the topic of “Civilian drone applications in the city – hopeful or worrying?”

To what extent can the future be actively shaped in the here and now? To what extent will our future cooperation be steered by governments, technology companies, or other actors? And what roles do unmanned systems play in this? These and other questions are the subjects of the two-part event “Future-Making-Lab – We design our futures ourselves!”. An online discussion will initially take place on Saturday, March 13, 2021, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Representatives of very different disciplines take their places on the virtual podium. Sabrina John is the managing director of the GLVI Gesellschaft für Luftverkehrsinformatik and a member of the board of the UAV DACH industry association. Lynn Harles works as a research assistant in the field of “Design-Based Strategy Development” at the Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (Cerri) of the Fraunhofer Institute. At the renowned Technical University of Munich, Balázs Nagy heads the project “HORYZN – Prototyping the Aerospace of Tomorrow” and Drones editor-in-chief Jan Schönberg brings his view of the drone economy to the discussion. The discussion will be moderated by Sarah Dorkenwald and Karianne Fogelberg from the UnDesignUnit agency, who are responsible for planning and organizing the event as part of the Munich Creative Business Week.

Afterward, interested participants can contribute themselves and discuss together in a workshop (2 p.m. to 6 p.m.) and formulate perspectives on the use of drones. Based on the assumption that the future is already laid out in the present, an interdisciplinary exchange should discuss what social, economic, political, and ecological effects the use of unmanned systems could have?

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