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Parrot AR.Drone battery charger kit

AR. Drone 2.0 battery charger kit by Parrot The AR.Drone 2.0 battery is a Lithium Polymer battery with a capacity of 1,500mAh. It can be recharged using a USB cable plugged into a computer or any USB power supply. The AR.Drone 2.0 battery charger kit includes a charger and a USB cable. The AR.Drone 2.0 battery charges in about 45 minutes. The AR.Drone battery charger kit includes a charger base, a power cord, and a battery. The kit also includes an AC adapter and a USB charger cable. The charger base is equipped with two slots for recharging AR. Drone batteries.Is your AR.Drone the battery running low? If you’ve been playing with your AR. Drone for too long, or flown for too long, you’ve probably noticed that it needs more juice.
We know that our AR. Drones are pretty much designed to be played with and flown, so when you get back from an intense session, you’ll need to charge it up again. Luckily for you, we’ve got a battery charger kit that’s perfect for all your AR. Drone needs.If you’ve ever wanted to charge your AR. Drone batteries in a hurry, you’re not alone.
This is a quick and easy project that you can get done in about an hour. The AR.Drone is a drone that is controlled by a smartphone or tablet. It has many built-in sensors, such as an accelerometer and gyroscope, that allow it to hover in place and to stabilize itself in mid-air.

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