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Does Mavic mini need wifi?

The only time where a connection is required is for activation of the Mavic Mini. I have a Mavic Pro, and I do not have to use wifi for it. But I have a Mavic mini, and I need to use wifi for it, so does it need wifi? Mavic Mini is a great device. It is easy to fly and has a lot of great features. However, before purchasing it, you need to know how it works. This mini drone from DJI is all about portability and convenience. It can be controlled with an app and has collision avoidance.
This is a great drone for people who don’t care about shooting in 4K and just want something easy to use. So you may have recently bought a DJI Mavic Pro and are wondering if it will work without WiFi. Or maybe you’ve had one for a while and you’ve just discovered you need it to fly and it’s not in range of any WiFi.
Either way, this blog post will help you find out if the DJI Mavic Pro needs WiFi to fly and what you can do if it doesn’t. You’ve probably heard of the Mavic Pro drone. It’s a small drone that folds up small and is very portable. It has become popular because of its size. But is the Mavic mini drone on the market? The answer is yes.
The Mavic mini is a smaller version of the Mavic Pro. It’s slightly cheaper and still a great drone. Does Mavic mini need wifi?
The answer is no. This drone can be flown without wifi.
It does have a controller that has a screen that will show you what your drone is seeing. You just got a new drone! You’re so excited, and you don’t even care that you’re going to need to learn how to fly it.
But, wait: What about connecting it to the internet?
Do I need to have wifi or cell service to fly?

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