An online survey by CURPAS

An online survey by CURPAS
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The implementation of the requirements from the European Drone Ordinance is currently being discussed intensively in Germany.  In other countries, on the other hand, we have already made further progress. But what are the consequences of this legal reorganization for the operation of unmanned aircraft for the drone economy in Europe and in the various member states of the European Union? An online survey by CURPAS and EDC should now provide some answers to this question.

Interested parties can take part in the anonymized online survey carried out by the industry association CURPASand the European Drones Commission (EDC), an association of eight unmanned systems organizations from six European countries. With the help of the survey, among other things, valuable practical data on the economic potential of professionally deployed UAS should be obtained in order to be able to work even more efficiently for the interests of the drone economy within the framework of national and European regulatory processes. The first results of the online survey by CURPAS and EDC will be presented at the international annual conference of CURPAS, which will take place on June 10 and 11, 2021 as a hybrid event at the Aerospace Center in Wildau. 

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