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Yiju USB Rechargeable RC Drone

Yiju USB Rechargeable RC Drone
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RC drone is a great drone. Has USB rechargeable capacity. Camera pixels are high and can give you great pictures. The performance of radio and remote control is great. Very easy to charge.

Yiju USB Rechargeable RC Drone  There is a dual camera and can take coverage of great areas. The lens cover comes with a protective plastic ring that covers the lens edge when not in use. When open it allows wind to blow away but does not block focus nor aperture control (except auto exposure). In my view, this has saved quite some time over using metal screws on most other cameras, especially if you have less experience shooting wildlife/shooting starships as well that also need manual AF or focusing ability at an adequate distance such as forwards buildings for safety reasons, etc.

Yiju USB Rechargeable RC Drone  4k HD front camera is great. Pixel quality is lively. If you want you can see with the eyes of a fish from a little distance. The image transmission rate is very high also. You will have great fun with this drone.

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