What does GPS do on a drone?

What does GPS do on a drone1
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What does GPS do on a drone?” asks Dr. Thomas Jaffrey, an aeronautical engineer at North Carolina State University who coauthored an MIT paper last year that found the technology can track drones in space by “gathering data and performing analysis.”

We get some useful information that you wouldn’t know if it was just an ordinary cell phone. The app records what the object is doing so it can be used to pinpoint where someone might end up by looking for any potential obstacles in their path (like cars or people). This lets us better anticipate when they will need help and assist them safely before allowing things like police officers to enter through this door than having to walk around corners instead of right into intersections.” You see?” said Amy Wallace. “They say no one knows who’s inside our homes with cameras because there’s nothing beyond those houses themselves. A GPS module that allows them to know their location relative to a network of orbiting satellites

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