SereneLife WiFi FPV Drone – 1080 HD camera for drone

SereneLife WiFi FPV Drone
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SereneLife WiFi FPV What makes our drone the BEST choice for beginners and intermediates is our integrated headless mode which allows you to worry less about the orientation and direction of the drone. You can trust it, we have tested more than 100 times through multiple test sites across Europe without having any issues yet! 

SereneLife WiFi FPV  setting eliminates unnecessary movements as well adding additional safety features that are needed even in fully autonomous flight such as a rudder mounted controller, gyro, or GPS receiver. The control system enables fast reaction with minimal movement but still requires a minimum amount of time between stops ( 1/10th second ) during navigation after training/test flights since it will keep your eyes on the skies safely without moving into auto feel position while observing objects.

It is equipped with 2.4Ghz wireless controller frequency technology, providing 1-2Mbps download and 10Mbps upload speeds for both data and entertainment content consumption without the need to purchase additional equipment. allows you to control any device using mobile apps, web browsers, or a touchscreen interface.

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