Drone having solar energy

Drone having solar energy
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There are many good reasons to rely on the use of drone technology in the future. Because, not least with a view to reducing emissions that are harmful to the climate, systems that are largely fully electric can be attractive. Especially when the electricity comes from renewable sources.Just like the XSun drones. The French company led by CEO Benjamin David has developed a special system to accommodate modern solar cells on a pair of double wings. But why aren’t more manufacturers relying on drones with solar energy in their tanks? 

After all, “refueling” is free after all. This is what we wanted from Benjamin David and Dr. Waldemar Krebs, Business Development Director and Head of the XSun EDMO Airport office in Germany. Many developers have decided that the advantages of the technology in relation to the challenges it brings are not great enough for them. But if like us, you rely on a double tandem-wing configuration and completely on the electric drive fed by the solar cells, then a solar drive makes perfect sense. All assemblies are completely geared towards this and the entire construction is based solely on this constructive idea. The drone design is ideally suited for performing surveillance tasks from the air – especially with a view to image flight and mapping. And that’s usually done during the day anyway. Our drones are also ideally suited for scanning with the help of LiDAR sensors, especially because of the long flight times.

This very complex construction offers a number of advantages. Overall, a smaller wingspan is required, which has a positive effect on the structural weight. And the double wings ensure great natural aerodynamic stability. In general, the system is characterized by very good-natured and calm flight characteristics. You can fly at a comparatively low speed, which also has a positive effect on the quality of the image data generated. Furthermore, the drones can take off and land at low speeds, so that little space is required for take-offs and landings.  5 years ago I wrote my doctoral thesis on the effects of air traffic on the climate. Therefore I am very committed to the topic of sustainability and thus also to the mission of XSun and support it with all my might. And I am convinced that we as a company can actually save the world to a certain extent. Efforts must be made across the economy to reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions. We definitely have a CO2-free solution and a very, very quiet one, too, noise pollution is reduced to almost zero. All of this is very much appreciated by society and helps to save the world to a certain extent. So I think it’s just great to be part of this journey.

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