Development of drone technology

Written by Drone

War sometimes a blessing for human development. During the first world war, with the process of research, the US developed drones. American aerial torpedo is known as the Kettering Bug was tested in 1918. This was a flight test and was not used in war. However, massive development was done by the USA in the year of 1980. During the time of 1935, radio transmission technology was developed. At the time of its founding, radio broadcasting represented a revolutionary step in modern communication due to technological advantages and reduced risk factors associated with traditional broadcast techniques. Radiofrequency was used for training purposes. As a consequence of that, the name drone started at that time with a model Queen Bee.

Baghdad is a land of oil. A man named Abraham Karem was born in Baghdad in a Jewish family. Later this family moved to Israel tentatively 1951. This boy was grow up. Through boyhood, he had an innovative target for drone buildup. He’d read about the invention of miniaturized radio transceivers and realized that they could be used to send texts directly from a helicopter in flight by using some means. His area of interest was aeronautics. At the age of 14, he started building model aircraft. Karem is regarded as the founding father of UAV (drone) technology. It was his research into unmanned aerial vehicles that eventually led him to develop a series known collectively by the term “UAV” which meant ‘unmanned aircraft’.

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