Commercial drone applications

Commercial drone applications
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Commercial drone applications are increasingly found in very different industries. However, they are not yet a mass phenomenon. The Industrial Drone Arena 2021, organized by the VDMA Industrial Drone Solutions working group, will take place as part of the Hannover Messe Digital Edition and is intended to make accessible to a wide audience what tasks drones can take on in industry and logistics today and in the future. The focus is on live sessions on April 13th, 14th, and 15th, in which the companies BLG Logistics, D-ARIA, HHLA Sky, IAV, and Tunkers-Nickel Demonstrate best practices for the use of drones in industry and logistics. We wanted to know from Juliane Friedrich, the contact person in the VDMA for the Industrial Drone Arena at the Hannover Messe Digital Edition, what else the virtual event has to offer and what goal the Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering is pursuing with the event. Drone technology offers great potential in the B2B area. We expect a significant increase in drone solutions and services in the coming years. This has recently been confirmed by the updated “Analysis of the German Drone Market” by the Unmanned Aviation Association. Our own drone readiness analysis.

Also attests that industrial and logistics companies are very interested in drone technology. The most promising applications here are inspection, measurement, and inventory, general information acquisition, but also transport. The first-mentioned, in particular, are application scenarios that are now time-consuming and expensive or associated with risks for people when, for example, one thinks of inspections of large systems or cranes. Where an industrial climber might need days, the drone does the job in a few hours. A lot is technologically possible, there is currently a lack of visibility and education, but also of scaling options for providers, which are undoubtedly already numerous today. With the Industrial Drone Arena, we want to show potential users the possibilities. Hybrid concepts will hold up in the long term. Digital elements can expand the audience and offer advantages, for example, if the travel effort is too great. In principle, the willingness to use digital formats in a tech-savvy community like the drone community is greater than in other areas. However, we very much hope that analog formats will also be an issue again as soon as possible. From our experience, in the last few years, the formats in which users and providers were able to openly exchange ideas have caught on. Especially when the technology needs to be explained.

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