CGIIGI UAV RC F11- 1080 HD camera for drone

Written by Drone

CGIIGI UAV has a unique design. The drone has an intelligent return capacity. For example, the device can detect if a target is nearby and begin its closure or execute a picture capture. The capturing system uses GPS coordinates instead of latitude and longitude so that no two pictures are identically located at any moment. 

Ready to fly within two minutes after your decision. CGIIGI has antipollution technology so that it cannot collide. The only way they can compete with AI on this is to design a strategy in which the opponent knows exactly what you are going to try, and if your game plan fails (and often does), then their counter may take precedence over yours for some parts of time—sometimes hours or even days later. Artificial intelligence is one of the main features of drones. While unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are increasingly used as part-time workers, there hasn’t been much data on them because some drones lack camera hardware or don’t have enough sensors to be considered highly autonomous.  CGIIGI has overcome that limitation. 

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