Battery life of the drone

Written by Drone

Nobody wants to see that his drone is falling by finishing his battery life! Everyone should have a long battery life so that he can stay in the sky for a long time. He wants to see the blue sky in the distance. He wants to reach the top of the mountain or he wants to see a beautiful garden. The question naturally arises, how long is the battery life? 

DJI 55 min flight time can go up to 15 Km. The battery is an electrical DC source. Should not be left for long. If you leave long, battery charging capacity will deteriorate as well as flight time. Normally with common battery life, 30 – 45 min flight time is acceptable. 

Battery life is called current and time. The unit is ampere-hour or milliampere-hour. One Milliampere hour means, one milliampere current will flow for one hour.  200 mAh will last for 5 minutes, 3000 mAh will give you 20 minute lifetime. 20000 milliamp-hour will give you 45 min lifetime, and so on. 

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