2.4GHz Wireless Predator Quadcopter Drone with Camera

Written by Drone

2.4GHz Wireless Predator Quadcopter  A quadcopter has full flexibility. Turning right, left, up, down is easy. Quad means four and the drone has four propellers. And now you can take off on your own using a stick or an arm attached to it… The controller board houses six analog sticks that have buttons for flying by speed, altitude/angle of flight (the direction in which you are pointing), angle of attack, thruster position, GPS positioning, throttle setting, etc. With additional inputs from digital radio signals such as power level, compass information, and airspeed readings via accelerometer sensor we even added three gyroscope sensors enabling us greatly better control while hovering.  

2.4GHz Wireless Predator Quadcopter The camera can be positioned at any angle so you don’t need to make it sit on a tripod or take its own weight off your hands. It also works with GPS/GPS+ (not supported), which provides flight times of around 4 minutes if attached to a power source such as battery packs; at least 5 mins from the coast-to-coast mode for distance range testing) The device features an LCD display. 

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